Wednesday, July 8, 2009

plaster party/sleepover

last saturday we had a sleepover for chantelle with a few of her is the sleeping beauties getting ready for bed after the storm that was singstar!!!!!!!! check all these crazies out for a laugh......a smooch from ethie for sandy!

trying so hard.........she did pretty good too...yeah i know i am bias!!! hahahaha

eb and sandy sang up a storm......

ethan had more the moves than the words....but he had soooo much fun!!!!
sandy proved herself to be a singstar champ!!! you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandy and kaytlin sang beautifully together!!!

eb singing along to abba was so interesting....the little toad knows the words beter than i do...hahahahaha....

ethan just thought the whole thig was hilarious!!!! he really had a ball..... chantelle, haylee, abbie and ebony get in the grove!

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