Thursday, December 17, 2009

a real mixed bag!

lots has been happening around here and it feels like ages since i have blogged about anything so i thought i would start here on the kids blog first!
the other week after my scrap class the kids asked to scrap too...after the girls left they decided who they were...each pretending to be one of the girls who had been at my class that are their creations..hehehehe you can't really see it in this photo but ebony has cut out flowers and butterflies from another piece of the same paper and mounted them on the patterned paper before adding her ribbon...
ethie had fun with some monstrosities papers and just added a couple of strips of monsters and arrows to his paper base page.....he loves adding titles and always costs me thickers....anyone would think he had been hanging around aunty kate and her addiction to thickers had rub off on him....he always finds them the cheeky bugger!!! hehehehe...

chantelle silhouetted her photo, cut out a PP boarder and added a little journal spot for embellishment...god they had fun ...i love letting them scrap together when my patience can handle it that is!!LOL :)

the other day at the big end of year assembly at school my gorgeous boy (not that i am bais.... much..hehe) received the "outstanding acedemic achievement " award at is a big deal and we are so so very proud of him.... this photo is him receiving the certificate from Mr Winters (his class teacher)...there is also a gorgeous medallion that goes with the award but they weren't there on the day so i was given it yesterday at school.....i still have to get a photo of it yet!! he was so excited to receive his award..he kept hugging it...oh and he kept trying to get back up on stage cause he wanted to talk on the microphone!!! hehehe
here is ethan with his gorgeous friend Corey who we will miss so much next year...he is a big high school boy now!!...good luck corey i know you will do awesome at high school..."Mwah"

we have finally put up the christmas is looking a little sad...i can't find the tree lights and it is driving me so needs the lights!! oh well i'll just have to buy more if merv doesn't get off his butt soon and find where he put them!!!!!!!!!

the three decorators posing with their creation...they are very happy with it and for me that's what counts!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tocal homestead!

last thursday yr one went to Tocal homestead to learn all use chantelle's words...what it was like in the old days....i went along to help was a really, really hot day but we all had a great was lots of fun and interesting...even a old duck like me learnt heaps...hehehehe...we got to do allsorts of different activities and learnt heaps about captain is just a few of the 100 pics (whoops, hehehehehe) i took that day! the homestead itself....god i fell in love with this is so beautiful inside and out.. and oh so cool which we really loved that day....gotta love good old fashioned high ceilings!!! hehehehe...
one of many pics from inside the homestead....this one in the lounge area is of mim telling us about the heating bricks hidden under the foot stools in winter for warmth.....

the kids got to dress up in period costume which they loved...chantelle dressed in what was labelled as a maids dress
we got a tour through the kitchen and we learnt about all kinds of cool suff....this pic is of julie telling us all about the cream know separating the cream from the milk to get it ready to make our butter for breakky.....the kids didn't like the idea of how much they would have had to do before getting to eat breakfast...they like today where they just get up and eat!!! hehehehehehe..... we also got to check out some blacksmith work as well ...dave was great!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dubbo time!!!

my gorgeous man was extremely lucky to be able to go on a trip with his class to Dubbo last week...his teachers are absolutely Awesome for organising this amazing trip...worth their weight in gold as the old expression goes.....ethie had an awesome time and they said he was extremely well behaved which made us really, really happy......A HUGE thanks to all the teachers involved for giving our kids a wonderful time and heaps of fun memories!!! oh and thanks for the dvd so we got to see how much fun they did have!!! we love it and have watched it heaps already!!! hehehehe.....

also huge thanks to Sandie (the gorgeous maddie's mum who also went on the trip) for taking some great pics while away and copying them off for me...there are heaps more but here are just a few of ethan and then some the animals they saw at the zoo..... god this cheesy posed grin cracks me up....i swear one day his little mouth will crack from the effort...hehehehehe
kicking back with a little morning tea and a laugh with gorgeous miss maddie!! my boy definately has a soft spot for maddie..... it is so cute!!!

how awesome is this shot...i can't wait to scrap it!!!...playing at maccas after dinner the first night....dinner the second night was at a five star spoilt were they!!

yep looks about right to me...thrown in the stocks at the old dubbo jail......
i think you will recogise the animals for yourselves without me!! hehehehe......

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

ebony turns four!!

my beautiful ebony turned 4 on sunday ...god how time flies!! here are just a couple of pics from the day! pressie time of course... my little pony ponyville sundae cafe proved very popular ...she loved her puzzles and play school dvd's from sissy and ethie too....

then came the cake....i made it and even had a go at piping for the first wasn't too bad i guess but she loved it and that what counts... a huge thanks to Kristy and Kat who didn't mind interupting their class to help us celebrate...thanks to kristy for taking pics for me too! the cake was definately yummy yummy!!!
i hope you had a great day my beautiful girl even if you weren't 100%...
we will be heading off to the drive in to see "G force" this weekend for eb's birthday as she wasn't up to going out last weekend....we are so exited cause it looks so funny!!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

a crafty weekend!

this weekend we had abit of crafty fun and i had to share a couple of piccies with you....after cooking chocolate cupcakes we made some masksand brown paper bag was great fun to watch them have so much fun with something so very simple........anyway..

first up we have ebony roaring with her lion puppet then chantelle made a bunny puppet

and ethan with his lion mask


On friday ethan's class attended the special ed athletics carnival as team U.S.A.....we all had a great day...the weather was beautiful and the kids just had a ball!! it was an awesome day to be a mum!! so here are a few piccies from the day starting with our team flag...(it helps to have an american as your teacher....hehehe)
ethan managed to get those little sawn off legs of his moving occasionally...hehe....he gave it a good go even though running isn't always his thing....hehehehe....
he even got a third there were only three in the race but hey i won't tell anyone if you don't!! he did great!!!
kickin back with grammy all ready to cheer!!
just had to help out the guy holding the end tape for a bit!
having a go at the tennis ball throw
ebony and grammy checking things out all ready to cheer usa on!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

oh my god!

i really suck at and cakes ..when it comes to icing them...just dont get along!!! here is the cake i did this morning for ethan to take to school and share with his friends for his birthday on sunday...he loved it( as you can see) so i guess thats all that counts.....and you can read the writing which is something i haven't done beofre so that's a bonus too!!hahahhaha....

book week!

today the kids had their book week parade at school...we went with simple things this year... ethan went as a chef...he was his usual show off self and actually paraded around with 3 different years as well as his own class...hw was unstoppable but very cute walking around mixing his cake!!! hahahahahaha
chantelle dressed in her good dress, made a fairy wand and went as pearlie from her "very very pearlie" books that she LOVES to read and collects...we got her a headband with little fairy wings on it but it just wanted to keep falling forward on the poor darlin'.....she was very hard to catch for a photo

afterwards ebony and i joined chantelle and her friends Montana( spiderwoman) and Tahlia ( hannah montana) for just look gorgeous girls!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

just because!

we thought we should remind you that when you cook cupcakes you have to make sure you lick the bowl as clean as possible.....
even if it means batter on your nose.......(can't really see it clearly here but it is all over her nose)hahahahahahahahaha.......
my man finally got a haircut last week ..the shortest we have managed to get it yet...doesn't he look like a little man again! woohoo ethie man you look cool!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

first day of pre-school

yesterday our gorgeous ebony had her first day at pre-school..massive shock to my system...actual complete child free time was really wierd!!...but how cute does my girl look already to go....she was ready at 7am mind you..nothing quite like being prepared..hehehehe

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

plaster party/sleepover

last saturday we had a sleepover for chantelle with a few of her is the sleeping beauties getting ready for bed after the storm that was singstar!!!!!!!! check all these crazies out for a laugh......a smooch from ethie for sandy!

trying so hard.........she did pretty good too...yeah i know i am bias!!! hahahaha

eb and sandy sang up a storm......

ethan had more the moves than the words....but he had soooo much fun!!!!
sandy proved herself to be a singstar champ!!! you go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandy and kaytlin sang beautifully together!!!

eb singing along to abba was so interesting....the little toad knows the words beter than i do...hahahahaha....

ethan just thought the whole thig was hilarious!!!! he really had a ball..... chantelle, haylee, abbie and ebony get in the grove!