Friday, August 28, 2009

oh my god!

i really suck at and cakes ..when it comes to icing them...just dont get along!!! here is the cake i did this morning for ethan to take to school and share with his friends for his birthday on sunday...he loved it( as you can see) so i guess thats all that counts.....and you can read the writing which is something i haven't done beofre so that's a bonus too!!hahahhaha....

book week!

today the kids had their book week parade at school...we went with simple things this year... ethan went as a chef...he was his usual show off self and actually paraded around with 3 different years as well as his own class...hw was unstoppable but very cute walking around mixing his cake!!! hahahahahaha
chantelle dressed in her good dress, made a fairy wand and went as pearlie from her "very very pearlie" books that she LOVES to read and collects...we got her a headband with little fairy wings on it but it just wanted to keep falling forward on the poor darlin'.....she was very hard to catch for a photo

afterwards ebony and i joined chantelle and her friends Montana( spiderwoman) and Tahlia ( hannah montana) for just look gorgeous girls!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

just because!

we thought we should remind you that when you cook cupcakes you have to make sure you lick the bowl as clean as possible.....
even if it means batter on your nose.......(can't really see it clearly here but it is all over her nose)hahahahahahahahaha.......
my man finally got a haircut last week ..the shortest we have managed to get it yet...doesn't he look like a little man again! woohoo ethie man you look cool!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

first day of pre-school

yesterday our gorgeous ebony had her first day at pre-school..massive shock to my system...actual complete child free time was really wierd!!...but how cute does my girl look already to go....she was ready at 7am mind you..nothing quite like being prepared..hehehehe