Friday, August 28, 2009

book week!

today the kids had their book week parade at school...we went with simple things this year... ethan went as a chef...he was his usual show off self and actually paraded around with 3 different years as well as his own class...hw was unstoppable but very cute walking around mixing his cake!!! hahahahahaha
chantelle dressed in her good dress, made a fairy wand and went as pearlie from her "very very pearlie" books that she LOVES to read and collects...we got her a headband with little fairy wings on it but it just wanted to keep falling forward on the poor darlin'.....she was very hard to catch for a photo

afterwards ebony and i joined chantelle and her friends Montana( spiderwoman) and Tahlia ( hannah montana) for just look gorgeous girls!!!

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  1. Love these photos Jules!!Looks like they had so much fun!

    Krissy xx