Monday, September 14, 2009


On friday ethan's class attended the special ed athletics carnival as team U.S.A.....we all had a great day...the weather was beautiful and the kids just had a ball!! it was an awesome day to be a mum!! so here are a few piccies from the day starting with our team flag...(it helps to have an american as your teacher....hehehe)
ethan managed to get those little sawn off legs of his moving occasionally...hehe....he gave it a good go even though running isn't always his thing....hehehehe....
he even got a third there were only three in the race but hey i won't tell anyone if you don't!! he did great!!!
kickin back with grammy all ready to cheer!!
just had to help out the guy holding the end tape for a bit!
having a go at the tennis ball throw
ebony and grammy checking things out all ready to cheer usa on!!!

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  1. Woohoo go Ethan!!Love the photos Jules :D

    Krissy xx