Wednesday, November 25, 2009

tocal homestead!

last thursday yr one went to Tocal homestead to learn all use chantelle's words...what it was like in the old days....i went along to help was a really, really hot day but we all had a great was lots of fun and interesting...even a old duck like me learnt heaps...hehehehe...we got to do allsorts of different activities and learnt heaps about captain is just a few of the 100 pics (whoops, hehehehehe) i took that day! the homestead itself....god i fell in love with this is so beautiful inside and out.. and oh so cool which we really loved that day....gotta love good old fashioned high ceilings!!! hehehehe...
one of many pics from inside the homestead....this one in the lounge area is of mim telling us about the heating bricks hidden under the foot stools in winter for warmth.....

the kids got to dress up in period costume which they loved...chantelle dressed in what was labelled as a maids dress
we got a tour through the kitchen and we learnt about all kinds of cool suff....this pic is of julie telling us all about the cream know separating the cream from the milk to get it ready to make our butter for breakky.....the kids didn't like the idea of how much they would have had to do before getting to eat breakfast...they like today where they just get up and eat!!! hehehehehehe..... we also got to check out some blacksmith work as well ...dave was great!

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