Thursday, December 17, 2009

a real mixed bag!

lots has been happening around here and it feels like ages since i have blogged about anything so i thought i would start here on the kids blog first!
the other week after my scrap class the kids asked to scrap too...after the girls left they decided who they were...each pretending to be one of the girls who had been at my class that are their creations..hehehehe you can't really see it in this photo but ebony has cut out flowers and butterflies from another piece of the same paper and mounted them on the patterned paper before adding her ribbon...
ethie had fun with some monstrosities papers and just added a couple of strips of monsters and arrows to his paper base page.....he loves adding titles and always costs me thickers....anyone would think he had been hanging around aunty kate and her addiction to thickers had rub off on him....he always finds them the cheeky bugger!!! hehehehe...

chantelle silhouetted her photo, cut out a PP boarder and added a little journal spot for embellishment...god they had fun ...i love letting them scrap together when my patience can handle it that is!!LOL :)

the other day at the big end of year assembly at school my gorgeous boy (not that i am bais.... much..hehe) received the "outstanding acedemic achievement " award at is a big deal and we are so so very proud of him.... this photo is him receiving the certificate from Mr Winters (his class teacher)...there is also a gorgeous medallion that goes with the award but they weren't there on the day so i was given it yesterday at school.....i still have to get a photo of it yet!! he was so excited to receive his award..he kept hugging it...oh and he kept trying to get back up on stage cause he wanted to talk on the microphone!!! hehehe
here is ethan with his gorgeous friend Corey who we will miss so much next year...he is a big high school boy now!!...good luck corey i know you will do awesome at high school..."Mwah"

we have finally put up the christmas is looking a little sad...i can't find the tree lights and it is driving me so needs the lights!! oh well i'll just have to buy more if merv doesn't get off his butt soon and find where he put them!!!!!!!!!

the three decorators posing with their creation...they are very happy with it and for me that's what counts!!

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