Saturday, April 3, 2010

Meeting Krissy and easter stuff

the kids were SO excited to meet Krissy last weekend while she was visiting for my scrap retreat....Ebony became krissy's shadow and is missing her already....saying "i really, really want krissy to visit again or maybe we could visit her mummy???" i don't think she quite grasps how far away queensland is but hey she can dream can't she...LOL....thanks for copeing with your admirers krissy!! "MWAH" easter time brings parades and picnics this year.....the kids made their hats with daddy last weekend while i was on retreat..i got the shock of my life and had to totally eat crow but it was so worth it!!!!.i LOVE them and yes i am totally bias!!! PMSL.... they made top hats, covered them in egg patterned paper...they painted foam eggs and added them to the edges of the hats brim...on the top they put beaded eggs around the edges then finished them off with little bunnies at the front of the here are a couple of quick pics.... Eb in her hat.....then

singing "hip, hop candy rock" at her picnic concert....then they...

sang and signed "i can sing a rainbow".....

Ethan in his easter hat just before the parade..... my shy little chantelle getting ready to show her stuff at the parade too!!!
they all had a ball and the biggest bonus as far as i am concerned is that they had some fun with their dad!!


  1. Awwww how gorgeous is Ebony :) I loved meeting you all and had a great time with the kids Jules!Your family is fab :)

    Wowee those Easter hats are fabbo!!Great work Ebony,Chantelle and Ethan!!Well done to Merv too for helping them :)

    Thanks for having me over to your house Jules *mwah*

    Krissy xx

  2. Those Easter hats Rock! Well done to Merv & the kidlets xx