Wednesday, May 5, 2010

birthday girl!

my gorgeous girl turned 8 on i can't believe it..... my little miracle child is 8 god help me!!! we had a really nice day together starting with a couple of pressies from ethan and ebony to open.... anytime now that paper!!!
she loved her gorgeous jewellery.....a bracelet from ebony and a butterfly necklace from ethan....following all that we had a mad hatter's tea party with some friends from school....

we made the girls goodie bags from some tulie and tissue paper then added some tags decorated with flowers and thickers.....

the boys got brown paper bags that i added some MLS "away we go" paper and stickers too...nothing fancy but i didn't think the boys would really worry about what their bags looked like....LOL!
we made flower cupcakes.................
and butterfly cupcakes............they were so yummy...and the kids loved them!!!
we made tea cup bickies but without handles cause i couldn't get any life savers anywhere!!
gorgeous Penny made chantelle a mad hatter hat birthday was awesome and everyone LOVED it!!! it was great and oh so yummy!!!! thanks honey you really, really made her day!!
we added a few candles from grammie then .......
Montana helped chantelle cut the cake.....montana was so cute when we told her to help chantelle cut it...."oh really can i??" then she told her she had to touch the bottom and kiss a boy...lucky for her dad was on hand...hehehehe...he wasn't letting any one else get it!!!pmsl!!!!
everyone had a great day but most importantly my girl did!!!

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  1. Happy birthday Chantelle!!Looks like a fab party :D Love those cupcakes and that cake!

    Krissy xx