Thursday, October 1, 2009

Dubbo time!!!

my gorgeous man was extremely lucky to be able to go on a trip with his class to Dubbo last week...his teachers are absolutely Awesome for organising this amazing trip...worth their weight in gold as the old expression goes.....ethie had an awesome time and they said he was extremely well behaved which made us really, really happy......A HUGE thanks to all the teachers involved for giving our kids a wonderful time and heaps of fun memories!!! oh and thanks for the dvd so we got to see how much fun they did have!!! we love it and have watched it heaps already!!! hehehehe.....

also huge thanks to Sandie (the gorgeous maddie's mum who also went on the trip) for taking some great pics while away and copying them off for me...there are heaps more but here are just a few of ethan and then some the animals they saw at the zoo..... god this cheesy posed grin cracks me up....i swear one day his little mouth will crack from the effort...hehehehehe
kicking back with a little morning tea and a laugh with gorgeous miss maddie!! my boy definately has a soft spot for maddie..... it is so cute!!!

how awesome is this shot...i can't wait to scrap it!!!...playing at maccas after dinner the first night....dinner the second night was at a five star spoilt were they!!

yep looks about right to me...thrown in the stocks at the old dubbo jail......
i think you will recogise the animals for yourselves without me!! hehehehe......

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  1. Love the photos Jules!Looks like Ethan had a fab time :D

    Krissy xx